Koleksi Suara Hero Mobile Legends (Marksman)

Koleksi Suara Hero Mobile Legends (Marksman) - Hero Marksman adalah sebuah role hero dimana hero ini memiliki kekuatan yang lemah diawal dan sangat sakit di akhir akhir permainan. Kebanyakan dari hero marksman ini adalah penembak. Mereka akan lemah di awal permainan dan selalu harus di temani di awal awal permainan tetapi jika di akhir dan item item sudah jadi maka hero ini tidak terkalahkan dan bisa menjadi yang paling sakti. Hero hero marksman ini pun yang selalu menjadi pencetak savage dan maniac, karena kemampuan mereka yang sakti di akhir permainan. Hero Marksman di mobile legends di antaranya layla, miya, Yi Shun Shin, bruno, moskov, karrie, clint, irithel dan roger. Dan dibawah ini adalah kata kata yang sering mereka sebutkan ketika di dalam permainan / di dalam war mobile legends

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Koleksi Suara Hero Mobile Legends (Marksman)

Koleksi Suara Hero Mobile Legends (Marksman)


We can do it 
Keep it up until you are as brilliant as me 
I will drive away the darkness
Time to Shine! 


Wise choice
I can handle that 
It's better to die with honor than live in shame
Where do you think you going?, you can't outrun my arrows 
It's great to meet you, my friends 
I can hit your left eye in miles away 
Arrow find your target 
Walk in the darkness, dance with the stars

Yi Shun Shin

Oceans are my domain
Sailing into the sea 
I will not fail the mission


Wait for it
Hey, very nice kick.. give me the ball 
Oh sorry 
Woohoo! You feel that?
I'm on top of the world!
Ball away


The path of vengeance burns me
Everyone changes, so do I 
Death is quiet and pleasant
I've already fallen to the abyss
Spear of destiny hit me and I will hit you 
Struggle and Resistance are useless
I can't die, not now


Spin spin. Keep up the rithm
I’ve Been Waiting For Too Long 
Speed, Precision, and Strength.
One Strike, One Kill !


Time to wreak!
Reach for the sky! 
Too Easy
Light em' up and knock em' down! 
I've gotta bullet with your name on it 
Let them eat cake


Let's go 
Don't be lazy Leo, run! 
My tiger has been with me many years 
Taste me!


You can't get away!
Taste the mighty of my bullet.
You will also be cursed!
I'm not alone in this fight!
A gun is not my only weapon!
Mode serigala:
Grrrrr... Grrrr rr rr.

Demikianlah kata kata yang sering diucapkan oleh hero hero marksman di mobile legends, dan sekain juga artikel saya mengenai Koleksi Suara Hero Mobile Legends (Marksman) , semoga bermanfaat dan salam pentakill

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