Koleksi Suara Hero Mobile Legends (Mage)

Koleksi Suara Hero Mobile Legends (Mage) - Mage merupakan salah satu role hero yang ada di mobile legends, para mage ini walaupun memiliki darah yang tipis tapi kesaktiannya tidak dapat di remehkan, karena dengan kombo tertentu para mage ini bisa melumpuhkan musuh dalam sekali combo. Sangat sakti sekali. Ada beberapa hero mage dalam game mobile legends, yaitu eudora, alice, aurora, cyclops, nana, Gord, kagura, harley , oddete, dan yang terbaru zhask. Mereka memiliki suara suara yang khas sendiri yang akan di ucapkan ketika sedang war atau dalam sesi pemilihan hero. Lalu apa saja sih yang mereka ucapakan? dan berikut ini adalah Koleksi Suara Hero Mage Mobile Legends

Koleksi Suara Hero Mobile Legends (Mage)


Lets see who has the last laughs
Would you like to have a drink with me?
We still... have a score to settle


Watch your back
Do you know someone named Jack? 
The darkness can also be friend
Turn everything to darkness 
Where there is light, there is shadow


Listen to the sound of snowing 
Small and bright, clear and white 
Come with the wind
The ice... melts away...


You've got a good case! Woo! Ahh. ah ahh.. ahaha.. Hey, ah.. hahaha! 
Universe and the gravitation determines planetary interaction!
Hey! I'm here, big guy! 
Where there's life, there's movement! 
Planetary movement... give me magic! 
Never seen someone handsome with one eye?


Adventure is waiting for us 
Meow meow meow meow 
I'll get angry if you poke me again
I can make different kinds of mushrooms in this forest


There's no time to chit chat 
I'm not the devil, I'm the demon 


My pleasures 
There are wonderful things in this world, worthy of our protection 
Aside evil, there is justice
Nothing can stop us 


Thought to miss you, another to hate
Curse, simply means restriction 
I thought you are very lonely 
There are two kind of people in the world
They're hundred of monster living in my umbrella 
The umbrella is Yang, the human is Yin


You will all become my slaves!
The will come to a pitiful land.
Die for me!
From the look of you, you seems scared.
Now is your time to suffer!
Fear not! I will love you like a pet.
Hahahaha, I have come!


Hahaha... I'll show you my magic


A dance of the swan, is so grace and charming


Hahaha Grovel before your king human
I am omnisiant
Fearm is a weapon
Look in my eyes and listen
Anthropy is inevitable
Ignorance is death
The Nightmare is everywhere

Seperti itulah koleksi suara hero mobile legends (mage) , keren keren ya. Dan bisa membuat kita lebih semangat lagi dalam bermain mobile legends. Salam pentakill

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