Koleksi Suara Hero Mobile Legends (Fighter)

Koleksi Suara Hero Mobile Legends (Fighter) - Mobile Legends memiliki daftar role hero yang banyak salah satunya adalah hero fighter. Hero fighter ini merupakan hero dengan jarak serangan dekat, biasanya para fighter ini melawan musuh dengan menggunakan senjata tajam (bukan dengan pistol seperti marksman) hero fighter ini sangat cepat membunuh hero lain terutama hero mage dan marksman yang merupakan sasaran empuk para hero fighter seperti zilong dan alucard. Hero fighter di mobile legends sangat dibutuhkan dalam war karena dengan cepat bisa membunuh musuh dalam mode 1 v 1 melawan mage ataupun marksman tetapi harus hati hati juga karena mage dan marksman pun memiliki kelebihannya masing masing jika kamu tidak sigap maka kamu pun akan terbunuh dengan mudah. Ada beberapa hero fighter dalam game mobile legends di antaranya , freya, zilong, bane, sun, alpha, balmond, lapu lapu, alucard, ruby, hilda, roger, dan argus, dan dibawah ini saya akan share koleksi suara dari hero fighter di mobile legends

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Koleksi Suara Hero Mobile Legends (Fighter)


I answer the call! From now on my sword will always be with you
I understand. It's my pleasure to take part in this battle
God witness everything that happens here


Zhao dragonborn is here 
It would take an army to stop me 
Heroes Never Fade
Haha! Your whole body are weakspot! | Haha
Only the fearless heart can sort of the heavens
Your impudence will not be tolerated 
There's glory and redemption in every death


Target locked 
No need to rush to die kid 
Dodging is no use
This is how you wanna get shot? 


I hope they're stronger than me 
is there a ninja stolen my skill doppelganger? 
The blood of Monkey will never die 
Take this!
Go Boy!!!


Test, Alpha is online
Alpha isn't my name, it just a code
Why must people, Hurt each other? 
We're not a weapon, we're also human
Sometimes I think about girls 
Time to upgrade the system 
Wherever I go, They'll follow |
May the force be with you


What's your name boy?
Fool! Let me show you the demonic power!  | Bodoh!
My hell of fire will burn you into ashess
Taste the Fury of Hell 
Another reckless foo

Lapu lapu

Fight along with my blade
Enemies are many,But I am alone 
Kill kill kill 
Enemy Spotted 
The light of victory is before me


Nothing lasts forever,we can change the future
Hehhey, Not bad
Why do human cry? 
Everything will come to an end 
I'll be back


Wipe out fully injustice in the world 
The man who can beat me has not been born yet 
Not knowing oneself, that's the worst
In the world of Kung Fu, speed defines the winner
Boxing is not the way to hurt somebody but in order to
Everybody has started this somewhere


Power is eternity 
All should be perish by my sword

Nah seperti itulah suara suara hero fighter mobile legends, dan demikian artikel saya mengenai Koleksi Suara Hero Mobile Legends (Fighter) , semoga bermanfaat jangan lupa dan share artikel ini agar lebih bermanfaat. Salam Pentakill

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